2018年5月2日 星期三

We won tug of war again

Today I want to tell everyone about that today we won the tug-of-war, we play tug-of-war with 510 and we won.

We won 510, so we are all very happy, and now we are in grade five's best 4 in tug of war, and we are all happy.

Tomorrow we will play tug of war with 512, and there are a lot of heavy people, so we cannot pull the rope easily.

Tomorrow if we win 512, we will be in top two, and everyone will be happy, but we need to defeat 512 first.

Before we play tug-of-war two times with 512, we easily won 512, but now maybe they are stronger and they are not too easy to defeat.

Tomorrow everyone will do the correct pose, and try to pull a string, and if we win, everyone will be very happy.

I want to see everyone is happy tomorrow, and I want to see 604 win, too, because my classmate's mom is in 604.

Tomorrow I will do my best, and I will use my power to pull a string back, and everyone will do their best.

I think we can be the top two of grade 5, and I think we will play tug-of-war with 501 or 504, we can do it.