2018年5月3日 星期四

We lost tug of war

Today I want to tell everyone about that we lost tug of war, and some of my classmates cried and I cried, too.

We lost 512, and we just top four of grade 5, we are not top 2, but 512 just play tug-of-war with another classes two times.

We play tug of war with another classes three times, so I don’t think they are top 2, if we can play tug-of-war again I will be happy.

I want to win the tug of war, because if we won, our PE class can learn about tug of war, but if we lose, we cannot learn about tug of war.

Today in PE class we have a competition and the first competition that we need to do is stand in the same place, and you cannot run just jump.

This competition I jumped 1 m 60 cm, and I think I jumped very far, but there is a person in our class jumped 1 m 90 cm.

The second competition is you need to let a friend hold your heels, and you need to put your two hands on your shoulders.

Then you need to lay on the floor, when you get up and touch your knees, this is 1, and you just have 1 minutes to do.

This competition I do 39 times in one minute, and I think I am very good, then I knew I am the highest score in our class.

I think today is fun, but we lost the tug of war, so a little bit sad, but other classes is fun, too. So today is fun.