2018年5月5日 星期六

Rolling Sky

Today I want to tell everyone about I've download a game called"Rolling Sky", and this game is very fun.

When I download this game, I think it will be fun, and this game is about you need to control a ball, and play the game.

There are lots of balls that you can choose, and there are a lot of levels that you can play, and the highest score is 100%.

I've got four levels 100%, and I think I am pretty strong, but if the level is hard, I cannot get 100%.

If you think you might hit something, you can use a shield, and when you hit something, you will be fine.

When you use the shield, you can just use one time, but when you drop, you are dead, too, but you still has the shield.

You can have 10 balls free each, but you need to watch an ad, and you can get 10 balls, if you want lots of balls, you need to pay the real money.

When you want to play harder, you need to be happy, because it is very hard, and I cannot play it easily.

I think if you play this game, you will think it is fun, because it is a little bit easy, and you can know how good you are at playing this game.