2018年5月8日 星期二

Park safety

Today I want to tell everyone about park safety, if you go to the park, you cannot go to slide the slide with no shoes.

In the park, you cannot walk on the slide, maybe there are someone needs to slide down, and you will be in danger.

If you are playing some rides, you cannot destroy or hit the rides, maybe because you destroyed it, next people that use the ride will be in danger.

If you need to play frisbee, you cannot play in the space that have a lot of people, you need to play in the place which is almost empty.

When you go to the park, you need to wear the clothes that cannot easily fall down, and if you have long hair, you need to be careful.

If you go to a fair, and you ride the roller coaster, you must take care of your bag, or the thing inside your bag will fall on the ground.

If you are going to ride the roller coaster, you cannot go after you are full, because maybe you will have some bad symptoms.

When you are sitting on a boat or a train, you must fasten your seatbelt, maybe that ride is very scared, and maybe you will fly out and you will be hurt.

You also cannot stand on any ride, maybe the ride will be upside down, then you will just fall on the ground and die.

I think the park safety is very important, too, because maybe you will die because of the fair rides, so everyone needs to be careful while you are playing.