2018年5月4日 星期五

5/8 is my Mom's birthday

Today I want to tell everyone about next Tuesday is my Mom's birthday, and also our school will have a music concert.

I am excited to go to the music concert, because I think on that day, it will be very fun, and will have a lot of good songs.

I think when it is Tuesday, I will be happy all day, because at night, maybe we will go to eat what Mom loves to eat.

We will have a lot of songs to listen, and I knew some of them, and I think lots of people knew them:

  1. You raise me up (Josh Groban)
  2. Proud of you (Fiona Fung)
  3. Heart Shaker (Twice)
  4. Me gustas tu (Gfriend)
  5. 漂向北方 (黃明志)
  6. 追光者 (岑寧兒)

I think everyone heard those songs before, and I think those songs are good to listen, and good to dance.

I don't know will I love this music concert, because maybe the songs that they sing is not so good.

I can listen to a lot of songs, and sing a lot of songs on Tuesday, so I am very excited now.

I think today is happy, because I am excited for Tuesday, and Tuesday also is my Mom's birthday.