2018年4月25日 星期三

Today is my teacher's birthday

Today I want to tell everyone about today is my teacher's birthday, and everyone surprised our teacher.

Some of us came to school earlier, and we hid under our desks, and one person turned on the light.

Then we draw happy birthday on the black board, and I think we drew awesome, and I think our teacher will be happy.

When our teacher went in the classroom, my teacher thought that we are doing something bad, and we are all laughing.

The person that turned on the light told our teacher to walk inside, and he turned on the light, then everyone was singing happy birthday song to our teacher.

When our teacher was surprised, she gave us all a bread, and everyone is happy, but I didn't open it yet.

Then we need to go to brush the toilet, and all of us hid in the washroom, then teacher can't find us.

Just then, our teacher came, but teacher knew that we are in the washroom, so our teacher said "If you don't come out, you are in trouble!", because everyone don't want to have any trouble, so everyone came out.

This plan failed, because teacher knew that we are hiding in the washroom, so I felt sad, if our teacher didn't know we are hiding in the bathroom, this plan will succeed.

I think today is awesome, but there is a plan that is failed, but I think teacher knew how good is us.