2018年4月8日 星期日

To plan a trip

Today I planned a trip with my mother and we are planning to go America, and I am planning for New York part, my mom is planning for Boston part.

I am not really planning to New York, I am just write some places that I want to go, and almost every place that I planned is eating ice cream or chocolate.

I planned a lot of parks and some amusement parks, and there will be a lot of places to play some excited games.

In New York, there will be a cow statue, and you can touch it, if you touch its head, you will be very smart, and we will go there.

I think we can go to a lot of ice cream shops, and a lot of chocolate shops, but I think we will just choose one to go to.

In Boston, my mom plans to go to a Science museum, and my mom said we will like it and I am excited to go, too.

When we go to Boston, we can go to a lot of schools, and they are really famous, like we can go to MIT, there will be a lot of good things to look at.

When we go to America, I think the most fun part is sitting on the plane, because when we are on the plane, we can sleep a long time.

When we are on the plane, we can see a lot of movies, too, and we can eat two meals, and I hope the meals are good to eat.

I think when we go to America, everyone will think that is fun, because when I am planning the trip I think it will be fun.