2018年4月1日 星期日

The most _____ in the amusement park

Today I want to tell everyone about I wrote a work sheet today, and it is the homework we got on Friday.

My teacher said "you need to write 3 to 5 chapters, and it need to be about the most what in this field trip, and you need to write about 500 words."

I wrote the most fun, the most boring, the most pitiful, the most exciting and the most scaring, and for each chapter, I wrote about 100 words.

The most fun: I think the most fun facility is the pinball game, because it is easy to get a gift, when it is my turn, and I always get 80 points.

The most boring: I think the most boring game is the Jurassic game, because all the trip is sitting on the boat, and do nothing.

The most pitiful: I think the most pitiful thing is I didn't go to play the water boat game. However, my classmates went to play six time. I also want to play.

The most exciting: I think the most exciting game is Air Hockey, because I played one time with my teammates, first my teammates got 3 points, and I got 0 point, but when I want to win, I got five points and I won.

The most scaring: I think the most scaring part of this field trip was going to sit on the cable car, because the first time our team went to sit on the cable car, and all of us screamed loudly, and my classmate had a video about this.

I think writing this homework is fun, because you can think about the past, think about going to the field trip, what is fun, what is boring.