2018年4月10日 星期二

Lesley / Mobile Legends

Today I want to tell everyone about that I bought Lesley today, because I had 32,000 battle points to buy Lesley.

This hero is a Marksman, and she has three skills, she is good at shooting and defeating another enemies, but she is afraid of gank.

The first skill: she can be in invisible, but you still can see her moving and walking, her speed will be faster than before, and the attack power will be stronger, too, when you are using the first skill, your damage will be higher.

The second skill: she can use a bomb to let you go backward, and she will jump backwards, too. This skill is useful to escape from a gank.

When the enemies want to defeat you, you can use this bomb to let you and the enemies go backwards to keep a distance, then you can use the first skill and run away.

The third skill: when your HP is very low, she can use her ultimate to shoot you, and you will be dead, if you use the first skill first, then you use the third skill to snipe, its damage will be higher than just using the third skill.

Lesley is a good hero, that can cause high damage, when Lesley is about 10 level, her attack speed and attack damage will be very high.

I think Lesley is good, but she is not very good at killing almost 3 or 4 people, because she is a Marksman, with no area damage.