2018年4月3日 星期二

Kids' day party

Today I want to tell everyone about that we have a party for children at my school, because tomorrow is kids' day.

Tomorrow is kids' day, but tomorrow we don't need to go to school, so we play today, we played air cushion, and today is better.

Today we played a lot, and today's air cushion is better than yesterday, because the teachers arranged schedule for every class.

When we are playing air cushion, there are not many people, so we can play happily and safely, so I think today the outside one is better than yesterday.

The one inside, it is hard to slide down yesterday, but today it is very good to slide, and you can slide very quickly.

There is a Snow White air cushion, I can jump very high on it, so I like to play Snow White air cushion, but its slide is very short.

When we finished playing, we are all very happy, and we are going to another game, it is about the mudslide.

The most fun mudslide game is to throw a circle and grip a bottle, if you throw the circle and it grips the farthest one, you will have the highest point.

I make the circle gripped the farthest one three times, and the first time I throw, I got one, and I know where will I throw.

I think today is fun, tomorrow I will tell about the second part of today's kids' party, and it is very fun, and I love it.