2018年4月30日 星期一

I use some blocks to make a motorcycle

Today I want to tell everyone about that I used some blocks to make a motorcycle, and it can push the motorcycle, and the motorcycle can go very fast.

I want to put Jigglypuff on that motorcycle, and push the motorcycle out, then see what will happen to Jigglypuff?

When the motorcycle has been pushed, Jigglypuff just fell down from the motorcycle, and at that time I saw Jigglypuff, it is very cute.

Because Jigglypuff is too cute when falling down of the motorcycle, so I took a video, and I used this video to post on Tik Tok.

But at last I didn't put the video on Tik Tok, I took another video and posted it on Tik Tok, and I think it is very funny.

I think maybe everyone will like it, but now there are just two people giving that video a heart, and I am sad.

Because I want a lot of hearts, so I take another video about drawing, and now just two hearts, and I am very sad, I thought I can get 4 hearts.

Maybe I should take a lot of videos, then maybe I will get lots of hearts, but I don't know what can I take about the video

If I got a lot of hearts, I will be very happy, and I will keep making videos, and I want to be a lot of hearts in Tik Tok.

I think I can do my best, and one video is about five hearts, then it is very good, but I don't think I can do it.