2018年4月14日 星期六

I will have four busy days

Today I want to tell everyone about I will have lots of tests from tomorrow to April eighteenth.

Tomorrow I need to go to a math exam, and now I am very scared, I wanted to have a good score.

Tomorrow's exam is hard, and I think I will not know a lot of answers, so I need to do my best.

The test on April sixteenth is a test in my English class, and it is writing only, and we will have oral test on April eighteenth.

We will have a Mandarin test on April seventeenth and eighteenth, so I will be very busy, but some of the test are fun.

When it is April seventeenth, I will have a contest in the afternoon, if we won, my Mandarin teacher will give us some gifts.

I have six test and competition from tomorrow to April eighteenth, and I will be busy, and I need to practice a lot.

When I finish those tests, I will be free, because I finished those tests, but about one day, we need to keep learning things.

When we finish those tests, we can relax for awhile, but we will have another quiz when it is June.

I think I will have a good score on most of the tests, because some are easy, and some are hard.