2018年4月20日 星期五

I will go to Science Museum tomorrow

Today I want to tell everyone that I will go to the Science Museum tomorrow, because we won the Science Speaking Contest first place.

When we knew that we won the first place, I think everyone is happy, because we thought we couldn't win the speaking test.

Tomorrow everyone in our team will go to the Science Museum to get the prizes, I want to get some money or gifts.

Now I am very excited, because I will go to the Science Museum and I will see my classmate, and my teammates.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will go to listen to my Dad's speaking, because my Dad will go to bookstore and talk about a book.

Tomorrow evening, we will go to eat dinner together with my grandmother, grandfather, uncle and aunt for Mother's Day.

So tomorrow we will have a busy day, and I think when we are going back, everyone except the driver will get into sleep.

When we got home, I think everyone will go to take a shower and go to sleep, and now I am very excited for tomorrow.

When it is tomorrow morning, I will be very happy, because I can see my classmate and we can play together.

I think tomorrow will be fun, because when it is morning, afternoon or evening, there is always things to do.