2018年4月25日 星期三

I exchanged two gifts

Today I want to tell everyone about that I exchanged two gifts with 110 points, in our class, we can get points by doing things.

If you go to brush the toilet in the morning, and do something with the lunch, like: wash dishes, then you need to go to sweep the floor, if you did it all everyday, you can get 3 points a week.

If you just do two or one of them, you just get 2 or 1 point(s). Sometimes we will use your homework score to plus points.

We have A++, A+++, and A++++, if you got A++, you can get one point, you just need to minus a +, then it is how many points you've got, and I got A+++ or A++++ almost in any homework .

If there is some activities that you can add points, too, like: 10 people jumped rope, tug of war and brigade relay, it is always two points.

The gift that I exchanged is a notebook and a pencil, and the notebook is 70 points, and the pencil is 40 points.

My classmate gave me one picture, and it is about SUMIKKOGURASHI, and I think it is very cute.

In the picture, I like the cat the most, because its ears are in different color, and it is a cat, and there is a polar bear, too.

I think the two things that I exchanged are good, because I can use that pencil to draw on the notebook!