2018年4月15日 星期日

Go to the math exam

Today I want to tell everyone about that I went to the math exam today, and I only know 2 questions.

We need to get up really early, and the test start at 9 o'clock. We went to a university and it is teaching PE.

Because I complete the first exam, so I could come here and do the second exam, and I don't know a lot of questions.

There are two people that are grade 5, and I am one of them, when I saw there just me and another people, I am very surprised.

The questions are hard, because you need to write down how do you know the answer, if you didn't write, you cannot get the points.

When I am testing, I think I will know a lot, but I just know the first and the second questions.

When I finished the exam, there are still about 1 hour, but we cannot leave the classroom, so I am boring.

Finally, the bell rings, and I can go home, then we go to buy some drinks, and have fun, I am happy!

I think today is happy, because I finish one test, I just have 5 exams left, and I just need to wait for tomorrow.

Now I am very excited, because if I finished the other exam, I just have 4 exams left, when I finish them all, I am free.