2018年4月21日 星期六

A busy day

Today I want to tell everyone about that I had a busy day today and all of my families are tired, too, and we are home now.

When it is morning we went to the Science Museum to get some prizes, but when we got there, we need to wait for three hours.

Finally we can go up to the stair, and we can take a board writing the first place, and at that time we are all happy.

When it is afternoon, we went to listen to my Dad's speaking, and this speaking was about two hours, when we went home, everyone felt tired again.

My Dad's speaking is about a book, and my Dad is talking about Japan fighting with America, who won who lost.

When it is evening, we went to eat a dinner for Mother's Day, and I think everyone think the dinner is good to eat.

After eating dinner, we went to a shop, and we bought some books and folders, my brother bought another Squirtle.

When we got home everyone felt tired, and almost everyone in the car fell asleep, so today is a very busy day.

I think today is very busy, and everyone is tired, when we got home to rest, we only have 20 minutes to eat lunch.

When we finished listening my Dad's speaking, we came home to rest, but we just rest for 10 minutes, and we need to go to the restaurant to eat dinner.