2018年3月6日 星期二


Today I used 419 diamonds to buy a hero called Valir, and I used 188 diamonds to buy a Valir's skin. Since this is the first week sale, it has a 30% off special discount. I think it's a good deal.

When I saw Valir, I instantly bought it. However, I soon realized there is a value pack, which is cheaper with skin included.

Then Dad calculated the price for me, and found that actually Mobile Legends already think about this and will not let user feel bad. If you already have a hero, when you buy a value pack, they will not include the hero price. Thus, you can just pay the additional price to buy a discounted skin only!

When I use this hero to fight, I think it is strong, but he is a Mage, and I think cyclops and this hero are both good Mages.

This hero has three skills, too, and I will tell you guys tomorrow, because today I want to share with you the events.

Now in Mobile Legends there is a event that, when you finish a fight in Classic, Ranked or Brawl, you can get all of that seven puzzles, when you've finished seven fights, you can get this hero, so I won't miss it.

I think every events in Mobile Legends and every hero is very good, because it is fun and when you don't have that hero, you can buy it or joint the events to get it.