2018年3月24日 星期六

Travel Frog 4

Today I want to tell everyone about I wrote Travel Frog this kind of blog for four times, and today I will tell everyone about my pictures.

Today I got one picture that is sent by my frog, and he gave me a picture that I've never seen before, and I asked my friends.

I asked my friend, but no one knows what happened about this picture, then I think about something, this game had new places and pictures.

When I think about this game had new places and pictures, I think this is true, because I have seen the rarest pictures, and this picture is not in that video.

I think that picture is a Japan place, because it is not in any pictures that can easily been found so I think this is a new place.

On the Internet, there isn't any information about the new places that the game changed, so I don't know what places did the game add.

I think the company will add some new things to the game, and there will be many places, picture or something, I don't know if that is true.

Before I got a lot of pictures that I already had before, and now I just got two pictures that I did not get before, and I think those pictures are very rare.

Now I have a lot of pictures, but I deleted some pictures, too, because my frog went to a place second time, the pictures are the same, I will delete it.

I think this game is very good, and the places and the pictures were good to look at it, so I think when you play this game, you will love it.