2018年3月1日 星期四

Play brawl mode

Today I want to tell everyone about that I played brawl mode yesterday, in this mode I like to use Layla, because she can easily attack another heroes.

In brawl, the computer will help you to choose the hero that you didn't use very much, and you can change a hero one time for free.

Sometimes when I don't have Layla, I will change with my Dad or my brother, so I can use Layla to play brawl.

Almost every time my enemy will be Akai, but Layla can easily defeat Akai, and sometimes my teammates will have tank, so we can hide behind the tank.

When Layla's level is very high, her attack speed will be very fast, so you can use the attack to defeat one hero. So I think Layla is good at playing brawl mode.

I think when I am playing brawl mode, I always use Layla, when there is no Layla, I will use another mage or fighter.