2018年3月20日 星期二

Music concert audition

Today I want to tell everyone about I go to the music concert audition today, and I didn't win so I cannot go to sing.

Someday morning, we try to practice the song and our teacher said that is not good enough, so we changed into another song.

When I am standing on the stage, I am very scared, because if I lose, I can't sing to everyone, and I really want to sing.

When we finished singing, we watched other classes to sing and dance or play a music, when we saw it, we think we can't go, because they are too good.

There is a team I think they will be chosen, but they didn't, so they can't go to sing and dance, they just can sit by and hear someone singing and playing music.

If I can go up and sing again, I don't think I can sing it better, because I didn't practice a lot, and there is someone singing faster than the song.

I think if I can go to the competition again, I don't think I can do it, so I don't want to go again next time, I just want to see the show.