2018年3月18日 星期日

逆轉勝:玩 Mobile Legends

Today I want to tell everyone about that I played classic mode of Mobile Legends today, and I won hardly, the enemies are really strong.

My Dad said that we won is all because we are lucky, and I think so too, but I think we tried our best, so it is not all because of lucky.

In this game, I used Layla, because she can attack the turret without minions' assistance, so I like to use her, and when she reached above level 10, her attack speed will be very very fast.

When she reaches level 10, she even can use her normal attack to defeat an enemy, so I like to use her in classic and brawl mode.

In YouTube, someone use Layla's third skill to get savage, and I think it is strong, but my Dad said if you use Marksman, you are a starter, so I shifted to use Mage.

Marksman has fast attack speed and high damage, but HP is not very high, when you use it good, you will think Marksman is very good.

I think Layla is a good marksman, because she can attack the turret without assistance, but I know some hero can do it too, so most of the Marksman are good.