2018年3月26日 星期一

Layla VS Tigreal

Today I want to tell everyone about I used an app called Scratch Jr, and this app helped me to make this program, and I will tell everyone.

This program is about Layla uses her laser to hit Tigreal, and Layla wins, so Layla has slain the enemy Tigreal.

I use a beach picture to be the background, and I think this background is not very good, because no one fights at a beach.

Layla uses her laser to hit Tigreal, and Tigreal uses his shield to defend her attack, but he failed, so Layla wins this game.

When I am drawing Layla, she is hard to draw, because when you are drawing on this app, you draw a sharp angle, it will be a round angle.

I want to draw a program that is very fun, and very funny, but this app is not good at drawing things, but I will try again.

Next time I will draw a hero easier and good to draw, and this hero's hair cannot be very difficult, then I will draw it better.

If this app can have more things to let you draw, and more color, I will like this app more, but I think I can use this app to draw, too, but I need to be careful.

I want to do it better, because when Layla slew an enemy, the slain word should be after Layla slew an enemy, but I don't know how to do.

I think I didn't do very well, but I think I can do it better, I need to think and think, if I do it better, I will write a blog next time.