2018年3月10日 星期六

Go to my grandmother's house

Today I went to my grandmother's house, I have got a lot of drink and fruit, and I like them all.

When I went to my grandmother's house, we had a lunch, and it is very yummy, I like the orange the most.

When we finish the lunch, we go upstair, and turn on the television, and turn to channel 24, it is showing Conan, I love Conan's cartoon, so I started to watch.

Then my Aunt went up stair, too, and she watched Conan with me, I have seen this one before, but I still want to see.

When I finished watching Conan, it is time to go home, so I go to bathroom, then we went to a stationery shop, and buy somethings, this is what I bought:

  1. a Kanahei's wallet
  2. a Kanahei's little bag
  3. a surprise bag
  4. 400 word manuscript paper

I think today is very fun, and I will tell you guys what things did I get, and who bought this bag, and what I got from this bag.