2018年3月8日 星期四

Go to competition

Today I want to tell everyone about we need to go to a competition, and I am very afraid that I will lose, but I want to win.

Yesterday I tell everyone about that how do we answer the question, so today I will tell you about the questions.

There are about 16 chapters, and I just read a little bit, but I had a lot of basic knowledges, so I will know some questions.

The part I read the most is the drug part, I love to read that, and there are 4 levels of controlled substance.

I learned a lot of things of health, the telephone number for detoxification is 0800-770-885, this number is important, and I think they will test about this.

I have learned another number, too, this number is about suicide prevention, when you saw someone who wants to suicide, you can call this number, it is 0800-788-995, and I think this will be on the test, too.

I think health is good, I wish when I am grade six, I can go to the competition, too, and I will be better.