2018年3月30日 星期五

Go to the amusement park

Today when I woke up, I was very excited, because I am going to the amusement park, and I can't even sleep anymore.

First I went to school, when I am waiting at the stairs, I saw a lot of my classmates came, and this is the first time they didn't come late.

Then we went into the bus, we need to sit for 1 hour and 20 minutes, when we arrived, we need to walk up to the top first.

Then we went to Sun Moon Lake for one minute, then we will come back, after we come back we will go to an amusement park and we will have free time.

When we were playing at free time, I think we played a lot, and we got a lot of prizes, because we went to play the game that needs some money.

Our team has five people, and we have five prizes, so everyone had one, and I got a board game called Penguin Trap.

In this game, you need to put the penguin in the middle, and one people one time to make the ice fell down, and the people that make the penguin falling down, and that people lose.

We freely played for two hours, and I played a lot, but I want to go again, because I didn't play the water boat.

We played a lot of games that if you got some points, then you can choose the prizes, and my teammates just put $1000 in the changing machine, then she got a lot of $10.

I think today is very fun, but if I can go again, I would like to, because I didn't play a lot of different games, but today is very fun, too.