2018年3月4日 星期日


Today I want to tell everyone about Cyclops, this is a hero in Mobile Legends, and I bought this hero with 15,000 battle points.

This hero has three skills, and this hero is a Mage, its attack is very very weak, but its skill will be very strong.

The first skill, it will throw a blue circle to the enemy, then it will throw another blue circle to the enemy.

The second skill, it will have five little circles surrounding it, and when you are near it, you will be attacked by those five little circles.

The third skill, it will make a very strong blue circle and chasing you, then you cannot move, so it can easily attack you. I think Mage is good at their skills, so I like to use Mage, and also Marksman, and Assassin.

This hero is not bad, but it walks very slow, so when your teammates need assistance, you cannot go there very quickly.

I think all the Mages' attack is very weak, but their skills are not bad, there are all very good, so don't think Mage is very bad!