2018年3月25日 星期日

Cyclops / Britannica Educational Comics

Today I want to tell everyone about I read a comic book today, because I think that book is very fun, the title is called 'myths and legends'.

I want to tell about a story in this book, and I think this story is very fun, and the main character is very smart.

One day the characters found a cave, and they went in, they saw a lot of sheeps, they caught sheeps for lunch.

When they were eating sheeps, a giant called Cyclops went in, and it said this is my cave, because Cyclops was very hungry, so it ate two peoples.

Then Cyclops walk the sheeps outside, then the main character had an idea, and when Cyclops is back, the main character gave it a cup of wine.

Cyclops thought that drink is very good to drink, so it asked for the main character's name, and the main character answered 'no one'.

When Cyclops is asleep, the main character poked it's eye, and Cyclops' eye is very hurt, and it went outside.

Then another giant asked Cyclops, who attacks you? Cyclops said no one, then the other Giant said 'No one? Then you don't need help!'

The main character and other people quickly ran outside, and went on the boat, then they left this cave, and they were safe.

I think the main character is very very smart, because he can think about a plan to defeat the giant, and he is not afraid.