2018年3月27日 星期二

A bee

Today I want to tell everyone about that I saw a bee in my Travel Frog game, and you need to feed this bee.

If the bee is very happy, and it will give you some good things, so I gave the bee some food that it like, and I got a ticket that you can do something.

I think the bee will give me more thing and more good things, than the snail, because the snail can be easily found outside your door.

The turtle is the rarest to meet at your door, because you need to do something very hard, then the turtle will be in front of your door.

The bee is the second rare animal to be seen outside your house, because you need to do something, then it will be in front of your house.

I've seen bee and snail before, but I didn't see turtle before, because turtle is hard to see. When I need to feed them, I will search their favorite food.

When I know their favorite food, I will give it to them, but they don't like the drink, so I have 12 drinks now, the turtle likes to drink that drink.

The food that snail and bee like to eat and drink are similar, but the turtle are different, because turtle love to drink drinks.

My friends have bees visited, but my bee is the first time, and I am excited that what it will give me, will it be a ticket?

I think the animals that will visit the travel frog's house are very good, because it is a good chance that you can get the ticket.