2018年2月19日 星期一

Mobile Legends

Today I played one game called "Mobile Legends", this game is very good to play because it has types of game to play. There are classic, custom and vs AI.

Today I played Mobile Legends for 30 minutes, we played classic and won three times, but we lost one time. I am so sad.😭

I used a hero called Eudora. This hero is very strong, and I very like to use it, because this hero can use electricity to attack another hero.

This hero had three skills. The first skill is a line of electricity, and it can go very far, and chase a hero, so when the enemy is escaping, you can use this skill to stop them.

The second skill is a electricity ball, and this skill can stop them, and so that they don't attack you for two seconds. When the enemy is very weak, and you can use this skill to stop them from moving, then you can defeat them.

The third skill is a lightning line, too, but this line is more thicker than the first skill, this skill is very strong, so if the hero is very strong, and you can use that skill to let them become weaker, and use the second and the first skill to defeat them.

I think this hero and the game is very good to play, and it is very fun, too, because the hero is strong, and the game is very very exciting.