2018年2月25日 星期日

Fox Jigglypuff

Today I want to tell everyone about Fox Jigglypuff, this is a hero that I created but it is not real, but it is very cute.

This hero has three skills, I will tell everyone about this hero, but do not think my hero is not very good.

The first skill, Jigglypuff's little brain will shoot a laser for about four seconds, and its cool down time is 10 seconds, mana cost is 10, too.

The second skill, Jigglypuff will be a circle and it will have sharp things on it, and you can control this ball for five seconds, its cool down time is 20 seconds, and mana cost is 20, too.

The third skill, Jigglypuff will use its tail and wiggle, then it will become a tornado, if you are in the front of it, you will be hurt, its cool down time is 30, and mana cost is 30, too.

I draw this hero on a paper, but I didn't color it, I wish you guys will like this hero, but I didn't turn it to a game, so you cannot play, either. This hero is good at ability effects, because I think its skill is very strong and very fast like a mage, but it is a fighter.

I think this hero will be very strong, but maybe it is not fair, because I do not know the next hero will be strong or weak.