2018年2月22日 星期四

Dog blessings

When it's Chinese New Year we will say some blessings with animal words, and how do we determine what animal is for this year?

We have 12 animals, and there are: mouse, cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog and pig.

There is a story that is not true, but it is why we have 12 animals. One day there is a race, and all the animals can join racing, who won, it is the first animal, and who is the twelfth animal, it is the last animal.

I am the mouse but this year is dog year, but the word that is good about dog is very hard to say, because I cannot even think any about it.

My brother said a very funny word "year year have dogs", this is its Chinese meaning, because the real word is about an extra meal.

The real word is year year are a lot of extra foods, and the Chinese meaning of extra is the same sound as fish's Chinese pronunciation, because fish is an animal, so my brother changed fish to dog!

I think saying the dog good words are very fun to play, because sometimes you don't know what to say and you will be out!