2018年1月30日 星期二

My painting: The limited accuracy of human beings

Today I finished a picture, and it is very good, I draw it with my father, and I think it is very pretty, because I do it very well.

First I use pencil to draw a hexagon, triangles and squares, because I didn't draw it very nice and very accurate, but I think it is fine.

Then I use black pen to draw the lines, but somewhere I didn't line well, because some intersections are not a point, but a small black triangle.

When I finish drawing the black lines, I am trying to use some color pens to fill-in the shapes, I think it is hard when choosing the color.

I think when you are drawing like this picture, you will think it is very hard, because you need to draw a hexagon, triangles and squares, but these cannot be very crook.